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İade ve İptal İşlemleri


All products sold at are under the guarantee of the Manufacturer / Importer companies. does not provide any extra warranty to these products. Since does not find it moral to sell fake, imitation products, it is not ethical and legal, it is not a means of selling these products in any way. All products sold at are original.

Exchange and return period

You can return or exchange the products you have purchased within fifteen (15) days from the date of delivery, without destroying, using and destroying the resale of the product.

Exchange and Return conditions

Please read the following items carefully in order for your exchange and / or refund to take place;

- Our members must create their exchange - return requests by filling out the form of my account / orders / return - change request form or by contacting them by phone.

- Requests for product replacement for orders placed without members must be made by phone or by e-mail.

- The product should be placed in the transparent pocket of the cargo bag, along with all the invoice copies, and sent to the address specified on the invoice of Cafe NenNen with a cargo of your choice.

-Products whose cargo is not paid will not be taken by our warehouse. Originals without Invoice (2 copies) are not accepted.

- Return or replacement of products whose original box / packaging is degraded (example: products with a cargo label attached on the original box and taped with a shipping duct tape are not accepted) have lost their resale property, are in a condition that cannot be purchased by another customer, have been used and identified to the relevant brand used. is not accepted.

-Return - your exchange cargo is opened next to the cargo personnel and received with a report. The products determined to be used are never returned and will be sent back to you.

What should I watch out for during cargo delivery?

Waybill invoice control: The waybill invoice is sent out in a transparent adhesive tape outside the cargo parcel. If the delivery note and / or the delivery note are not on the package, a report should be made to the cargo officer and the invoice should be requested. For invoices that cannot be delivered by the cargo authority despite all requests, you must contact us with the minutes of the minutes attached to the cargo. Otherwise, your request for exchange and return will not be accepted.

When the cargo is delivered to you, if there is a situation that may crush, deform, wet or damage the product, open the parcel with the cargo officer and check the condition of your products. If you see any damage to the products, ask the cargo authority to keep a report, not receiving the products. The products that are recorded will be delivered to by the cargo company and the products will be changed by us. Returns and exchanges, which are accepted without a report to the cargo officer and that they can be crushed, deformed, wet, or damage the product, will not be accepted.

- If the product you purchased is covered by free shipping (50 TL free shipping campaign), the shipping fee will be deducted from the price you paid. Free shipping application over 50 TL is valid for the products purchased, and the first shipping shipping cost is deducted from the amount to be returned.

- If there is any physical damage during the transportation of the products, please inform us by not taking the product. Requests for returns and exchanges declared to be damaged upon receipt will not be processed.

- There is absolutely no possibility of exchange and return in the campaign products.

- Requests for returns and exchanges that have not been notified in writing and approved in writing will not be processed.

- Refunds are made on the remaining amount after the shipping charges are deducted from the total payment. All shipping charges belong to the customer. Free shipping application is not valid for returns. Only in faulty product changes, our company is responsible for meeting the shipping charge.

Happy and safe shopping ..