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General Questions
Questions About Membership

Is Membership Paid?

Memberships on the system are completely free. It is free to add all products that will be added on the system. You have about adding 3 pictures to the products.

I forgot my password

To renew your password, you can reset your password again by entering the member login panel at the top and forgot my password. If you do not know your Mail and Username, fill in the form in the contact section.

I want to delete my membership

To delete your subscription, use the remove my subscription option in your membership process via your profile. After making this area, our customer representative will return to you.

What is User Inviting System?

This system allows your friends to be invited to our site. You will be charged 1000 SP for the first purchase of the members you invite.

Note: SP = Virtual Money

I want to complain about the member

As you can complain about member complaints using the form in the contact section. You can make complaints within the product through the product display page in the system.

Questions About Order

I want to add my products

You can add your products on the system with My Products List.

How can I order products

You can order the products by calling the phone number on the system.

Questions About The Product
Private questions